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$190K Settlement Reached In Age Discrimination Claim

David Zatuchni

Zatuchni & Associates is delighted to announce that it secured a $190,000 settlement for a client’s age discrimination claim.  The client in question was a long-standing salesperson for a large, multi-national pharmaceutical company.  In her suit, she alleged that, once she reached her fifties, the company targeted her with false discipline/negative performance reviews as part of a campaign to eliminate her due to her age.

Ultimately, the company terminated the salesperson, citing her disciplinary and performance record as justification.  The company further tried to end the salesperson’s age claim through a pre-trial, “summary judgment” motion.  However, Zatuchni & Associates won this motion by presenting and arguing the evidence showing that the company’s stated reasons for firing the salesperson were just a pretext for unlawful age discrimination.  At that point, the company relented and agreed to settle.

The case illustrates how Zatuchni & Associates’ top-notch and aggressive representation can benefit workers who have been wronged by their employers.

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