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The firm of Zatuchni & Associates was founded by lead attorney David Zatuchni. Zatuchni & Associates represents the interests of employees from Trenton to Newark and all those in between who have been injured by discrimination, harassment, and illegal employment practices.

Labor and employment discrimination lawyer David Zatuchni has a great deal of experience in employment law, beginning his career on the other side of the table, defending corporate employers who had been charged with labor law violations, and sued for employment discrimination. Through that experience, he recognized what employees need to bring successful lawsuits against large companies; highly aggressive plaintiffs’ counsel that specialize in employment discrimination law and know all in the ins and outs of the anti-discrimination statutes.

From vice presidents to truck drivers, the only way to get a fair outcome in the courtroom is to have access to high quality legal representation.

At Zatuchni & Associates, employment law is all we do. Zatuchni & Associates provides every client with high quality legal representation for cases ranging from sexual discrimination to whistleblower protection.

Our Lambertville and Morristown employment lawyers take pride in meeting and exceeding the quality of legal service of the firms we’re up against in the courtroom. We sue very large companies on behalf of our clients. We know their defense strategies. We know what we’re up against. And we know what it takes to beat them in court.

When you’re looking for experienced, aggressive legal representation, contact Zatuchni & Associates, your New Jersey employment law firm.

At Zatuchni & Associates we provide our clients with personalized service and fastidious attention. We provide regular status reports and are highly responsive. We take a team approach in our work: we need your help to prove your case; you are an integral partner and are never out of the loop.

Your goals are our goals. Count on Zatuchni & Associates’ Lambertville, or Morristown employment law attorneys to aggressively protect your rights and interests in the workplace and in court.

Race Discrimination · Ethnic/Immigration Status Discrimination

Sex Discrimination · Sexual Orientation Harassment

Age Discrimination · Pregnancy Discrimination · Disability Discrimination

Wage & Hour Disputes · Whistleblower Cases · Retaliation · Wrongful Discharge

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