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Managing Partner David Zatuchni discusses wage and hour litigation in the New Jersey Law Journal

David Zatuchni

A recent article in the New Jersey Law Journal addressed the rising number of wage and hour lawsuits in New Jersey and across the country. Employees are increasingly aware of their rights, thanks in part to the large amount of information on the subject available online. After the 2008 crisis, employers started to aggressively cut costs, often at the expense of the lower-ranking employees. Managing Partner David Zatuchni is quoted in the article on the rise in litigation instigated by employees, indicating that they are fighting back for fair hours and fair pay. He suggests that the upward trend will continue until employers are convinced that they can no longer get away with these abuses.

Read the full article here.

David Zatuchni
David Zatuchni graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in 1995. Since that time, he has exclusively practiced in the field of employment law. For many years, Mr. Zatuchni defended large corporations in all types of employment discrimination lawsuits and labor law matters. Read More

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