Racial Discrimination & Harassment in New Jersey

Racial harassment and race discrimination can happen to any level of employee at any type of company. While most people know harassment when they see it, discrimination can be harder to identify.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you think you may have been subject to harassment or discrimination in New Jersey:

  • Have you been passed over for promotions when others who came into the company at the same time have moved up?
  • If you are on a sales team, have you consistently been given the worst territories?
  • Have workers of other races been given advanced training that you’ve never been offered?
  • Are you expected to work the worst shifts and to do more menial tasks than others in your same job of a different race?
  • Are you paid less than workers of another race doing a similar job?

All of these examples could signal that you’ve been the victim of racial discrimination. Contact a New Jersey racial discrimination attorney at Zatuchni & Associates for legal advice on bringing a race discrimination lawsuit to court.

Racial Harassment

While racial harassment can happen in any workplace, we see it more often with hourly employees such as dockworkers; delivery men; truck drivers; and workers in machine shops, stockyards, and restaurants. Harassment creates a hostile work environment. It can be obvious and direct — using racial epithets, making threatening references, offensive jokes. It can also be hidden and indirect, such as being treated differently in the workplace.

Retaliation Due to Race

If you were fired, demoted, or experienced retaliation because you complained about discrimination, harassment, or unequal pay, you may have a valid lawsuit even if the basis of your initial complaint does not merit a lawsuit. Contact a lawyer at Zatuchni & Associates about retaliatory actions.

Our Cases

Our race discrimination lawyers have handled cases for white-collar workers and executives suing insurance companies, mortgage companies, Fortune 500 firms, and Wall Street companies. We’ve also handled hundreds of cases for blue-collar, administrative, and sales force workers. Racial discrimination knows no boundaries.

Our goal is to help you find financial recovery and justice through the legal system.

To learn more, check out our information page on how you can Bring a Discrimination Claim.