Ethnic Discrimination & Harassment

Discrimination and Harassment Based on National Origin and Ethnicity

All workers have rights in the U.S. — all workers are protected from discrimination, harassment, and illegal treatment.

Unfortunately, foreign workers are frequently subjected to discrimination or harassment in the workplace. At the employment law offices of Zatuchni & Associates, our employment discrimination attorneys have seen and taken every type of national origin discrimination case. We also take complaints from groups of foreign employees who are all being treated unfairly in the workplace due to their immigration or foreign national status.

If you think you are being treated unfairly or unlawfully, talk to a New Jersey discrimination lawyer today about your case. We can advise you about legal remedies for your situation, and we offer free consultations.

Our Cases

We have worked with Muslim clients from Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and India. We have represented African workers, including many from Kenya and Nigeria. We frequently represent South American immigrant workers from Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Many of our clients asserting national origin discrimination claims work in service industries — hotels and restaurants — as well as landscaping companies, construction companies, large retail stores, and factories.

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Retaliation Claims

If you were fired, given worse work hours, demoted, or lost income because you complained about ethnic discrimination, religious discrimination, national origin discrimination, harassment, or unequal pay, you may be able to sue your employer. Contact a lawyer at Zatuchni & Associates if you are facing abuse or retaliation. You have rights in your workplace.

Get Help with an Ethnic Discrimination Claim in New Jersey

To learn more, check out our page on Bringing a Discrimination Claim. Please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you.