Workplace Discrimination

Department of Transportation Sued Over Alleged Racial Slurs

David Zatuchni

In a case recently headed by Zatuchni & Associates, the state Department of Transportation is being sued by a Hackensack man that claims he was transferred to a yard farther from his home after a complaint about being the subject of racial slurs from his supervisor. The man was allegedly referred to with a racial slur many times in direct replacement of his own name in addition to once being referred to as one of the “cotton picker brothers” in reference to him and another black employee.

Read more about this case here from New Jersey 101.5.

David Zatuchni
David Zatuchni graduated from Northwestern University School of Law in 1995. Since that time, he has exclusively practiced in the field of employment law. For many years, Mr. Zatuchni defended large corporations in all types of employment discrimination lawsuits and labor law matters. Read More

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