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At Zatuchni & Associates, our New Jersey whistleblower attorney is a skilled, aggressive advocate for clients. Our mission is to successfully resolve whistleblower claims on behalf of employees. If you have any questions about whistleblower laws or if you believe that your legal rights were violated, we can help. For a free, strictly private consultation with a top New Jersey whistleblower protection attorney, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm today.  

What is a Whistleblower?

To best understand whistleblower rights, it is important to know how the term is defined under state and federal law. What do the following employees have in common?

  • The compliance officer for a pharmaceutical company who threatens to report her employer’s production violations to the FDA; 
  • The truck driver who complains to his supervisor about being assigned hours in excess of the limit set by transportation safety regs; and 
  • The billing department worker who refuses to participate in her employer’s Medicare/Medicaid fraud scheme

All these employees are “whistleblowers” who report or object to the unlawful actions of their employers. Typically an employee, a whistleblower is any person who reports/exposes illegal actions or misconduct.  

Whistleblower Rights Under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act

New Jersey has strong state-level legal protections for whistleblowers. Under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act, or “CEPA”, whistleblowers are given special employment protection Specifically, CEPA makes it illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for their whistle-blowing conduct. In other words, employees have the right to engage in whistleblower activity in New Jersey. An employer cannot fire you or otherwise take adverse action against you simply because you exercised your rights under New Jersey’s CEPA. 

New Jersey Whistleblower Law: How Do You Bring a Successful CEPA Claim?

While whistleblowers are entitled to strong employment protections in New Jersey, navigating the claims process can be complicated. There are specific standards that must be met when taking legal action. It is highly recommended that you consult with an experienced whistleblower protection lawyer.  A successful CEPA claim requires proof of the following:

  1. Reasonable Belief: The employee reasonably believed that the employer’s conduct violated a law, regulation, or clear mandate of public policy. Such mandates include those concerning public health, safety, welfare, or the environment. To be clear, the employee does not necessarily have to be right to bring a successful CEPA claim, but their belief must be reasonable. 
  2. Whistleblower Activity: The employee engaged in certain defined “whistleblowing activity”. This includes reporting or threatening to report the employer’s conduct to a supervisor or public body. It also includes objecting to or refusing to participate in such conduct. Once you engage in whistleblower activity, you are protected by the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act. 
  3. Adverse Employment Action: The employee suffered an adverse employment action. This can include termination, demotion, bogus discipline, or other actions that negatively impact the employee. Serious harassment that makes you feel unwelcome or unsafe in the workplace to the point that you cannot reasonably do your job could also justify a claim. 
  4. Causal Connection: The adverse employment action was due to whistleblowing conduct. A causal connection must exist between the employee’s injuries and his or her whistleblowing. Unfortunately, in many cases, employers try to conceal retaliation with pretextual (false) reasons to justify punishing a whistleblower. 

Whistleblowers are also Protected Under Federal Laws

As a whistleblower, you may also have a claim under federal law. There are a number of different federal statutes that protect whistleblowers. In some cases, you may even be entitled to whistleblower compensation through federal law. At Zatuchni & Associates, we are prepared to represent you or your loved one in the full range of federal whistleblower claims. Whistleblower laws include: 

  • The Whistleblower Protection Act; 
  • The False Claims Act;
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) whistleblower program;
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) whistleblower laws; 
  • The Dodd-Frank Wall whistleblower protections regulations. 

Our Law Firm Has Represented Whistleblowers in Many Industries

We know that whistleblower cases come in many different forms. At Zatuchni & Associates are experienced practitioners of whistleblower law. We’ve helped numerous employees across multiple fields achieve successful resolution of their CEPA claims, including:

  • Business office employees who report accounting/billing fraud;
  • Drivers and pilots who report violations of state and federal transportation safety regulations;
  • Compliance officers who report violations of FDA, EPA, or other applicable regulations;
  • Workers of all stripes who report violations of wage and hour laws, safety laws, or unlawful kickback schemes

Our law firm will put in the time and resources to ensure your whistleblower claim is handled the right way. If you believe you’ve been retaliated against due to your whistleblowing activity, please call us today for a free consultation.

You Can Rely On New Jersey Whistleblower Protection Lawyer David Zatuchni

Whistleblower claims are among the most complex, sensitive employment law matters. You need an experienced advocate in your corner. New Jersey employment lawyer David Zatuchni has the knowledge and experience that you can rely on. When you get in touch with our firm, you will be able to speak with a New Jersey whistleblower attorney who will: 

  • Conduct a comprehensive, confidential evaluation of your case; 
  • Answer your questions and explain your rights under whistleblower laws; 
  • Investigate your whistleblower claims, gathering evidence; and 
  • Take aggressive legal action to protect your interests and get you the best outcome.  

We have a history of successful results in whistleblower claims. As an example, Zatuchni & Associates obtained a $3.2 million verdict on behalf of a whistleblower who brought a lawsuit under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act. In another case, our employment law team negotiated a $200K whistleblower settlement for a worker who was retaliated against for reporting employer misconduct. 

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At Zatuchni & Associates, our New Jersey employment lawyer is a strong, aggressive advocate for whistleblower rights. If you believe that your rights were violated under federal or state law, we are more than ready to get started. Contact us now to set up a free, strictly confidential review of your whistleblower case. With law offices in Lambertville and Morristown, we represent whistleblowers throughout the State of New Jersey. 

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