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At Zatuchni & Associates, our Hackensack employment lawyer is focused on protecting the rights and interests of employees. We believe that every work deserves personalized, “big-firm” legal representation. If you or someone you know was the victim of sex or gender discrimination in the workplace, David Zatuchni can help. To schedule a free, fully confidential consultation with a New Jersey employment law attorney, please call our Hackensack office at (201) 820-0644.

Federal and State Sex Discrimination Laws Protect Workers in New Jersey

Many employees in Bergen County, New Jersey are protected against sex and gender discrimination under both federal and state law. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (federal law) applies to all companies with 15 or more workers. It prohibits sex-based discrimination. The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) also bars sex-based discrimination, but it applies to all employers. 

Examples of Sex/Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

One of the challenges of sex/gender discrimination claims is that each case is unique. Sex discrimination can take a wide range of different forms. It occurs when an employee is treated less favorably because of their sex or gender. Some of the notable examples of sex and gender discrimination in the workplace include: 

  • Refusal to hire;
  • Denial of a promotion;
  • Lower pay or fewer benefits;
  • Less favorable job opportunities; 
  • Termination; and 
  • Sexual harassment. 

In some cases, discrimination is overt. An employer may all but admit to it. In other cases, sex discrimination is more subtle. You may not even be certain that your sex or gender is the thing that is holding you back. For this reason, it is crucial that you follow up on suspicions of discrimination. A Hackensack, NJ employment lawyer can help you determine the best course of action.  

Sexual Harassment is Sex-Based Discrimination

Sexual harassment is a type of sex-based discrimination. If you were subject to sexual harassment in the workplace—whether by a supervisor, co-worker, customer, or any other party—you deserve better. You may be entitled to financial compensation through a sex discrimination claim. An experienced Hackensack sexual harassment attorney can help. 

You Have the Right to Report Sex-Based Discrimination

Unfortunately, many workers fail to report sex/gender discrimination for fear that they will be punished by their employer. This is known as retaliation—and it is illegal. Both Title VII and LAD include anti-retaliation provisions. If you were punished by an employer for complaining about or reporting sex-based discrimination, your rights may have been violated. Consult with a retaliation attorney as soon as possible. 

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