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Workers in New Jersey are entitled to a safe and discrimination-free workplace, but sadly for many employees, this is not always the case. In Clifton, workplace discrimination and other adverse employment actions occur more often than most people realize, and if you have been treated unfairly by your employer you may have a valid employment claim under state or federal law. At Zatuchni & Associates, our dedicated legal team is prepared to aggressively fight for your rights as an employee and protect your interests against an employer acting unethically or illegally. To learn more and discover whether you have a case, call or contact our office today in Clifton to schedule a consultation.

Defining Discrimination in New Jersey

Workplace discrimination comes in many forms and occurs when an employer takes an adverse employment action against an employee or an applicant because of their actual or perceived belonging to a protected class. Also known as protected characteristics, these can include the following:

  • Race;
  • National origin;
  • Color;
  • Gender;
  • Disability status;
  • Age;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Marital status;
  • Military service;
  • Sexual orientation; and
  • Genetic information.

It is important to note that discrimination can occur regardless of whether an employee or applicant actually belongs to a protected. An employer’s belief and discriminatory actions based on that belief are enough to warrant a case of workplace discrimination, even if ultimately it is discovered that the employee or applicant was not a part of that protected class.

Discriminatory actions by an employer are also referred to as adverse employment actions. This umbrella term refers to any act that detrimentally affects an employee or applicant and includes many different things, including refusal to hire, demotion, failure to promote, suspension, disciplinary actions, reassignment to a less desirable location, scheduling difficult or unmanageable hours, assigning impossible workloads, poor performance reviews, denial of leave, and termination. If any of these actions have been taken against you in the workplace because of your actual or perceived belonging to a protected class, you may have a case against your employer under New Jersey or federal law and our firm has the experience you need to litigate the case.

Our Practice Areas

The knowledgeable Clifton employment lawyers at Zatuchni & Associates have experience representing all types of employment law claims on behalf of wronged workers. Our firm’s practice areas include the following types of state and federal employment law claims:

  • Racial discrimination;
  • Age discrimination;
  • Gender discrimination;
  • Disability claims;
  • Family and Medical Leave Act claims;
  • Sexual harassment; and
  • Whistleblower protection.

Our office also handles discrimination claims for sexual orientation, pregnancy status, and enforces employment protection for workers in the military. Zatuchni & Associates takes on individual and class action wage and hour claims, wrongful termination, and workplace retaliation cases, as well. To learn more about the wide range of practice areas that our Clifton employment lawyers handle, talk to our office today.

Let Our Clifton, NJ Lawyers Handle Your Case

Employment law matters can be complex and complicated cases, which is why you should rely on only the best lawyers to handle your case. State and federal employment claims rely on different laws with different standards, statutes of limitations, and procedures. New Jersey employment claims allow up to two years to file a case against an employer, while federal claims necessitate that the EEOC be notified within 180 days of an incident. When you hire Zatuchni & Associates for your employment matter, you are securing the services of knowledgeable and skilled Clifton employment lawyers to handle your case.

Our attorneys handle all aspects of your employment claim, from filing the claim with the proper agencies, collecting evidence and witness statements, protecting your rights as an employee, and communicating with your employer and opposing counsel about the case. We ensure that all investigations by human resource departments or outside agencies are done properly into your case. Our lawyers are not afraid to take your case to trial and aggressively defend you against discrimination and other adverse employment actions in the workplace. If you are interested in learning more about how our firm can assist in your employment issue, talk to our office today.

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At Zatuchni & Associates, Employment Lawyers, our experienced legal team understands how stressful, emotional, and financially difficult discrimination and other employment issues can be for a worker and their loved ones. If you would like to schedule a free consultation of your case, call the office or contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable attorneys now.