Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination can happen to people of either gender. The sex discrimination lawyers at Zatuchni & Associates represent any worker who has suffered sex discrimination in the workplace. Contact the law office of Zatuchni & Associates to speak to a New Jersey sex discrimination attorney. Our goal is to help you find financial recovery and justice through the legal system.

Sex Discrimination in New Jersey

Sex discrimination, or gender discrimination, has many of the same characteristics as race discrimination. It is an unequal opportunity and economic discrimination under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination or Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Examples of sex discrimination cases we’ve handled include:

  • Female managers getting paid less than men in comparable positions, in violation of the Equal Pay Act
  • Women executives experiencing a glass ceiling in a workplace where you cannot get promoted above a certain level
  • Saleswomen given the worst territories or not paid on the same commission rate structures as men
  • Women workers being held to a different standard than men in the workplace; getting written up for offenses when men are not, given worse office space, or subjected to different schedules


If you were fired, given worse work hours, demoted, or lost income because you complained about sex discrimination, you may have a claim against your employer for unlawful retaliation. Contact a New Jersey sex discrimination attorney at Zatuchni & Associates if you are facing abuse or retaliation. You have rights in your workplace.

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