School Harassment Claims

School bullying in any form is something no child should endure. However, when the bullying is motivated by discrimination and bias, it becomes a particularly invidious experience – one that can deeply interfere with a student’s learning and sense of well-being.

Fortunately, recent years have seen a broadening of the scope of legal remedies available to children victimized at school. For example, courts now apply the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (the “NJLAD”) not only to the workplace, but to school settings as well. As such, the NJLAD makes it unlawful for a school district to fail to protect a student against harassment by other students, when the district:

  • Knew or had reason to know of such harassment; and
  • The harassment was based on the student’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or other legally protected status

Zatuchni & Associates has experience fighting school districts that have turned a blind eye to this kind of biased-based student bullying. Indeed, we have obtained financial and legal redress on behalf of students subjected to a “hostile educational environment” under the NJLAD.

If your child is suffering from biased-based bullying that your school district is failing to prevent, we may be able to help. Call us today for a free consultation.