Age Discrimination & Harassment in New Jersey

Many things change with age.
Respect in the workplace should not be among them.

Discrimination on the basis of age is illegal and yet people over age 40 face discrimination in hiring decisions, in promotional opportunities, and in training opportunities. Despite their ability and experience, employees and managers over 40 are often the first to be affected by staff reductions and layoffs.

The age discrimination attorneys at Zatuchni & Associates represent employees who have suffered economic losses or a promotional “glass ceiling” due to age discrimination. Contact the New Jersey office of our employment law firm to speak to an age discrimination attorney with experience.

Clearing the Decks Through Layoffs

A short-term financial setback is often the reason a company uses to lay off a percentage of its workforce. When that layoff accomplishes the goal of relieving the company of an unusually high percentage of higher-paid, more experienced older workers and managers, age discrimination may be part of the decision making equation. This is illegal under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA).

If you have been laid off and you believe your company unfairly discriminated against you because of your age in its layoff decision, contact our office about filing a lawsuit or an EEOC complaint. Our lawyers handle individual and class action age discrimination lawsuits and unfair terminations. lawsuits.

Demotion or Job Shifting

When older workers in factories, on assembly lines, or in sales departments find themselves shifted to less lucrative positions because their boss decided they couldn’t handle the demands of their job anymore, age discrimination may be a factor.

Is there proof that you can’t do your job? Or did your employer simply decide this was the case? If your financial security has been jeopardized unfairly, take action. Contact a New Jersey age discrimination attorney.

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