Retaliation Claims

Many victims of workplace discrimination choose not to remain silent about the issue. They complain of disparate treatment and harassment to their direct supervisors, or even higher up the chain of command. In some cases, they are compelled to file external complaints, whether through the court system or through administrative agencies like the EEOC.

An employer should respond to any worker complaint of discrimination with a thorough investigation and, if necessary, remedial measures. Unfortunately, however, some employers respond with retaliation. Complaining workers suddenly find themselves written-up for pretextual offenses, demoted, their hours cut, or in extreme cases, even terminated.

New Jersey Law Against Discrimination Protection

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (the “NJLAD”) prohibits this type of reprisal by employers against workers who lodge reasonable and good-faith complaints of discrimination. Specifically, the law protects any worker who:

  1. opposes practices or acts of workplace discrimination that are unlawful under the NJLAD (such as protesting such practices or acts to his/her employer), or
  2. files a complaint, testifies, or otherwise assists in any proceeding brought pursuant to the NJLAD.

If you find yourself the target of retaliation, we can be of valuable assistance. Zatuchni & Associates has successfully represented scores of employees in retaliation claims, often brought in conjunction with discrimination claims under the NJLAD. Contact us now for a free consultation.