Qui tam

New York and New Jersey Qui Tam Claim Attorney

Discovering that your employer defrauded or stole from New Jersey state or federal governments, you need to take immediate action. The False Claims Act allows employees to assert a Qui tam claim. An employee or any citizen can take file a civil lawsuit against a business defrauding the government.

The benefits are numerous. Not only is the employee reporting illegal acts, but they an also recover a percentage of the money recovered on behalf of the government.

Common Qui tam cases include:

  • Medicare or Medicaid fraud
  • Fraud in federal or State contracts
  • False certifications made to the federal government

Newark False Claims Act Lawyer

If you have evidence, you need to contact an attorney at Zatuchni & Associates to evaluate the merits of a Qui tam case. The process is complicated and requires an initial filing with the Justice Department for a decision to proceed with or drop the case. Going outside of the proper process and improperly disclosing or complaining key information could cause you to lose your rights.

Many clients that come to our law firm have little to no knowledge of Qui tam and whistleblower laws. Our job is to educate them on the False Claims Act and the protection it provides against an adverse or retaliatory action by the employer. Contact our office. We attend to all details in reviewing the evidence. From there, we investigate the claims and identify and prepare supporting documents.